It’s all about the words.

I'm an editor, a content creator, a feature writer, an essayist, a blogger, an author, a project manager and, depending on when you ask, either an aspiring or a struggling novelist. But at the heart of whatever I’m doing is this: words. Words matter. They’re never “just” words. And I never just treat them that way.

I can get your words across, tell your story. I began my career as a magazine editor, working at Child, American Baby, a zippy U.K. health magazine called Zest, Fitness, Bridal Guide, and All Woman. I went from taking messages on little pink “while you were out” pads and typing up (on a typewriter!) copy to send to the repro houses (look it up); to editing on a screen rather than paper, to managing staffs and budgets.

Now, I’m running my own editorial business, and have been for more than a decade. But no matter what I’m doing, the song — the words — remains the same: Clarity, consistency, accuracy, style. These days, I wear multiple hats. I’m the features editor for a health and medical website, and I edit copy for a major hospital system. And I write and edit for a wide range of markets, both consumer and custom, as well as for my blog, which supports the continued sale of my book.

Through it all I’ve remained true the one thing that will always matter: Words. Let me know if I can help you tell your story, if I can help you make it clearer, stronger, more resonant. It’s not only words, ever.

Content production challenge? Unsure about editing? Editorial project demanding a seasoned professional?

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